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Grease Trap Treatment 5 Lt
  • Grease Trap Treatment 5 Lt

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    Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment is excellent in dissolving fats, oils and grease within the grease trap or grease converter as well as the plumbing system.  This gives the product a great ability to prevent blockages, heavily reduce odours, eliminate drain flies and greatly reduce the amount of waste within the grease trap.


    Fats, oils and grease will over time breakdown naturally, but in a busy kitchen environment grease traps aren’t given adequate time for this process to occur, therefore allowing grease to accumulate. With weekly or daily application of Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment, the beneficial bacteria used in this product degrade the grease preventing blockages, reducing offensive odours, eliminating drain files and reducing the amount of waste in the grease trap.


    With no harsh or hazardous ingredients, Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment can be used on all types of grease traps and plumbing. 


    Safe for people, plants and pets, Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment is an environmentally friendly cleaner providing a responsible approach to daily cleaning


      • Formulated for Grease Traps & Grease Converters
      • Removes waste, grime & lime scale
      • Eliminates odours
      • Prevents plumbing blockages
      • Targets areas deep within the plumbing systems
      • Dose and leave (see Specifications Tab for dosage recommendations)
      • Contains beneficial bacteria to remove the source of odours
      • Helps to prevent drain flies
      • Biodegradable
      • Phosphate Free
      • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly

      Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment comprises of a unique formulation containing specifically selected beneficial bacteria to naturally eliminate the source of the problem. 

      The friendly bacteria used are living organisms which respond to their environment by producing different types of enzymes which are capable of degrading a wide variety of organic matter like urine, vomit, faeces and sweat. 

      Enzymes don’t have the ability to reproduce or repair themselves, so enzymes have a very limited life span depending on the environment conditions they are in. As bacteria grow on the available food source, they produce fresh enzymes on a continually basis. 

      Once the grease trap has been treated with Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment, the friendly bacteria begin to degrade the organic matter breaking it down into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water. With added surfactant, it allows the bacteria to adhere to the plumbing to reduce the chance of a costly blockage occurring. 

      The natural bacteria used is highly specialized, and can adapted to many different environments allowing it to work in many different types and sizes of grease traps located in the hospitality industry.


      Can be applied manually or automatically (by a dosage system) via the plumbing leading to the grease trap.

      As each site and grease trap is unique, a predetermined amount of product is advised to treat the grease trap. Contact us for more information.

      Contact us for dosage rates. Ongoing monitoring of your grease trap or grease converter is important. Follow your grease trap or grease converter manufacturers maintenance procedures & local government by-laws. For further information contact us at Ecogreen.

      Special Instructions

      DO NOT mix with other chemical cleaning products.

      For the best results
      Apply the product at the end of the day or when water use is at a minimum.

      Yellow Liquid with a lemon scent.

      Shelf Life 
      Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 18 months


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