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Grease Trap Treatment - Automatic Doser
  • Grease Trap Treatment - Automatic Doser

    SKU: D3000

    Specifically designed for the automatic dosing of enzyme and bacteria solutions into grease traps, grease converters and drain systems, the mains powered automatic doser is ideal for worry-free operation.


    Take the risk of over-dosing, under-dosing and forgetting to dose out of maintaining your restaurant or commercial kitchen’s grease trap, grease convertor or building’s drain systems with easy to use, fully programmable and robust dispensing unit.


      • 24 hr or 7 day timing functions.
      • 32 programmable dose times.
      • Standard WP300 series mini peristaltic pump head.
      • Each unit runs on either Mains Power (power supply - included) OR Batteries (takes 4x 'C' size Batteries - not included)
      • Battery voltage drop compensation for stable pump output.
      • Low battery indication.
      • Dose set in ml.
      • Individual doses up to 99ml
      • Calibrate function.
      • Battery back up.
      • 16 Character blue back lit lcd display.
      • Settings pass code protected.
      • Wall mounting.
      • IP 55.
      • Small footprint (120mm W x 234mm H x 128mm D)

      Specifications –

      • Programmable 32 doses each capable of being set for either individual days and times, individual times every day of the week (all) or off. Dose set in ml (can be individually calibrated by user if required).
      • Security lock feature which disables dose setting changes without button oress code.
      • Flowrate – 6mm ID Silicone Tube = 100ml/min (using water)
      • Pump Prime Feature
      • Unit Dimensions – 120mm (front) x 128mm (depth) x 234mm (height)
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