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Grease Trap Treatment - Automatic Doser
  • Grease Trap Treatment - Automatic Doser


    Specifically designed for the automatic dosing of enzyme and bacteria solutions into grease traps, grease converters and drain systems, the mains powered automatic doser is ideal for worry-free operation.


    Take the risk of over-dosing, under-dosing and forgetting to dose out of maintaining your restaurant or commercial kitchen’s grease trap, grease convertor or building’s drain systems with easy to use, fully programmable and robust dispensing unit.


      • Membrane programming - simple with security access code, includes prime and pump stop
      • New enclosure – Screw-less locking and hinged front for easy access
      • Customisable plaque – printable area for company logo
      •  Disposable pumphead – simple replacement, variety of tube materials
      • Equal flowrate – equal performance
      • Internal back-up battery – maintains settings for up to 6 months without power
      • IP66 enclosure – prevents ingression of dust and water
      • Full CE and EMC compliance

      Operation –

      The unit has eight timing entries consisting of a start time and duration. These timing entries can be selected to operate on any combination of days of the week. Preset combinations are available for every day, weekdays only and weekends only. Once the unit is set with the current time and day, the pump will operate at the programmed time and duration, on the selected days. Total run time and cycle counters for the pump are also available.

      Specifications –

      • 230V AC 50/60Hz, 10mA Maximum, 2.5W Maximum
      • Pumphead – Disposable Mini Pumphead with Silicone tube as standard
      • Flowrate – 5mm Silicone 75ml/min (using water)
      • Control Circuitry – Microprocessor controller with 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD display
        •  Programmable via 4 external membrane keys, Security access code
      • Motor – 6V DC, 400mA with 80 RPM gearbox
      • Enclosure – IP66 water resistant, robust, ABS injection moulded enclosure and plaque
      • Approvals – EMC 89/336/EEC – EN61000-6-3:2001: EN61000-6-1:2001
        • LVD 72/23/EEC – EN 60335-1
      • Unit Dimensions – 113mm (front) x 140mm (depth) x 174mm (height)
      • Weight – approx. 1kg

      ***NOTE - This automatic doser comes with a pic-up straw, but will require the required length of 5mm tubing to connect from the pick-up straw to the doser and from doser to the grease trap/grease converter/drain system.

    $690.00 Regular Price
    $500.00Sale Price
    GST Included