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Spa Plumbing Sanitiser 5 Lt
  • Spa Plumbing Sanitiser 5 Lt

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    Ecogreen Spa Plumbing Sanitiser has been specifically developed to remove all bacteria and bacterial spores that exist in a plumbing system, particularly within the water pipes of a spa bath.


    After use, warm water sits in the pipes of the spa system and creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and accumulate.


    Ecogreen Spa Plumbing Sanitiser has been developed to not only kill bacteria, but also bacteria spores which alcohol based sanitisers cannot kill. The product will also effectively kill mould.


    Used on a regular basis, Ecogreen Spa Plumbing Sanitiser will keep your system free from harmful bacteria and safe to use.


      • Readily Biodegradable
      • Kills mould, bacteria and bacteria spores
      • Easy to use
      • Maintains a healthy plumbing system
      • Ideal for use in plumbing and spa systems


      • Fill the spa bath to a level just above the spa intake points.
      • For initial sanitising of an average room sized spa, add 200ml of Ecogreen Spa Plumbing Sanitiser and switch the spa on.
      • For regular sanitising thereafter, only add 100ml of Ecogreen Spa Plumbing Sanitiser.
      • Allow the spa to run for 15 to 20 minutes then turn off.
      • Clean the surface area of the spa as you would normally removing any dirt that has been flushed through the system.



      DO NOT mix with detergents and other cleaning products. Store up right, below 30 Deg C and away from direct sunlight.

      Safety Directions

      Follow safe handling practices. It is recommended that the handling instructions outlined in the Safety Data Sheet and Product Label be followed.


      Harmful if swallowed - Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.

      First Aid

      Eyes - If in eyes, hold eyelids apart and flush continuously with running water. Continue flushing until advised by a Poison Information Centre on NZ 0800 764 766, a doctor or after 15 minutes.

      Skin - If skin or hair contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin and hair with running water.

      Swallowed - If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, contact a Poison Information Centre on NZ 0800 764 766 or a doctor


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