Test Results

Ecogreen continues to research & develop products and independent testing is crucial to proving our value to our industrial, commercial & household clients.


Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser

The attached independent test results show the effectiveness of the Ecogreen Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser over differing periods. The tests show that even after 4 hours from application, the Ecogreen Hand Sanitiser is still effectively killing 99.999% of bacteria.

Test Results 30 Day.jpg

30-Day Surface Sanitiser

Independent tests show that even after 29 days from application, the Ecogreen 30 Day Sanitiser is still killing over 99.88% of bacteria.

Test Results Clean Air.jpg

Ecogreen Clean Air

Independent testing of Ecogreen Clean Air Aerosol & Ecogreen Clean Air Gel demonstrating disinfectant efficacy.

Hand Sanitiser 30 Seconds, 2 Hour & 4 Hour

30 Day Test Results

Ecogreen Clean Air Test Results

Test Results Multi.jpg

Ecogreen Multi Purpose Cleaner

Independent test showing Ecogreen Multi Purpose Cleaner effectiveness on baked on grease soil.  

Test Results Spore Mould.jpg

Ecogreen Spore & Mould Eliminator

Independent tests showing Ecogreen Spore & Mould Eliminator's Sporicidal & Fungicidal capabilities.

Test Results Surface San.jpg

Ecogreen Alcohol-Free Surface Sanitiser

Independent tests showing Ecogreen Alcohol-Free Surface Sanitiser's disinfectant efficacy.

Multi Purpose Cleaner Test

Spore & Mould Eliminator Test

Alcohol-Free Surface Sanitiser Test